What Almost Was

We’ve taken refuge in an unoccupied corner of the local ruins for the night. The water here seems clean enough for drinking, and I even jumped in myself for a bit, once I was sure the area was safe. Sam’s not doing so well. They’re suffering from the sickness – growing weak, losing hair. My […]

Person Space

Epistemic status: pretentious. What do you mean that’s not an epistemic status? The space of all possible minds. You move through it, slowly. Every moment your mind is slightly different. Sometimes it undergoes rapid change. “You” is the curve through mindspace being traced out as you live your life. When you zoom out to see […]

Zeno’s Discrimination

Pick a source of salary discrimination. For illustrative purposes, suppose that a left-handed person only makes $0.70 for every $1.00 a right-handed person makes doing the same job. In a perfect world, this problem can get fixed by selfishness. I’ll premise this by saying that there are a lot of reasons this *wouldn’t* exactly work, […]