Content Warnings

Content warning: Discussion of false vacuum Content warning: Discussion of Great Filter Content warning: Discussion of potential apocalypse Content warning: May systemically lower your estimation of humanity Content warning: Applied utilitarianism Content warning: Memetic resource-hijacking (e.g. earworms) Content warning: Things you had not thought to worry about Content warning: Nonconsensual awareness (don’t think about all […]

Nice Guys, Nice Social Justice

I liked Scott’s most-recent (edit: Scott writes posts faster than I can think about posts, so it’s now his second-most-recent-post) post, an anti-anti-nice-guy treatise to the effect of “it is a bad idea to attack and shame people for being sad about being lonely, and assuming that complaints about loneliness are rooted in entitlement, misogyny, […]

Predictable Ethical Outcomes

It’s been obvious for over a decade that discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is doomed; it’s been only slightly less obvious for slightly less time that discrimination based on gender identity is also doomed, and I expect it won’t be too much longer before it becomes obvious that people should have the right […]

Humans are complicated

Epistemic status: I’m less confident than I sound about this.¬† I feel like you can generalize from sexism/racism/all-the-other-isms to a few general principles governing how we ought to interact with our fellow human beings: Do not make inferences about internal, hidden features based on¬†external, obvious features. This is necessary to ensure fairness and avoid positive […]