Content Warnings

Content warning: Discussion of false vacuum

Content warning: Discussion of Great Filter

Content warning: Discussion of potential apocalypse

Content warning: May systemically lower your estimation of humanity

Content warning: Applied utilitarianism

Content warning: Memetic resource-hijacking (e.g. earworms)

Content warning: Things you had not thought to worry about

Content warning: Nonconsensual awareness (don’t think about all the spots on your body that might be itching).

Content warning: Permanently altered perception (there’s an arrow in the FedEx sign).

Content warning: Artistic pattern awareness (TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life).

Content warning: May Induce Epistemic Learned Helplessness

Content warning: Curiosity Trap (you can’t not read this now that you’re curious about it – this warning is self-defeating)

Content warning: Description of embarrassing behavior

3 thoughts on “Content Warnings

  1. Seriously, I get really anxious whenever whenever anyone mentions false vacuum. False vacuum is approximately the scariest concept ever.

  2. Agreed. I would be willing to reallocate a large amount of my fuzzy-money to have someone make sure wheither false vacuum is a thing or not.
    Furthermore it makes sense to me to as quick as possible more evenly distribute the energy of individual particles in our light cone. The fewer high energy particles the lower the risk of a true vacuum to nucleat, if I have understood correctly.

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