Frontal Cortex v Muscle Memory

After years of putting it off and ignoring the problem, I’m finally forcing myself to learn touch typing. It is an extremely frustrating experience, but one that I expect will be very, very worth it.

This has been a long-standing source of shame for me, but I was never willing to make the short-term sacrifice in efficiency and frustration that the transition demands. Of course, the result was to ingrain the bad habits further still. This is doubly embarrassing given my allegiance to vim, wherein much of the appeal lies in the ergonomics of the default controls.

I’ve finally acquired the ability to type without looking, albeit with copious errors. It is extremely difficult and frustrating to not revert to my old habits while doing so, knowing that I could relieve so much of my momentary anxiety so quickly.

The mental experience is interesting. I can actually notice certain behaviors making the transition from deliberate to automatic. I find myself sometimes wondering why I’ve moved my fingers to a particular location, only to  find it’s exactly where I want them to be for the next thing I’m to type.

I also find that my speed and accuracy increase when I close my eyes – though I cannot maintain this state for obvious reasons. I’m not sure why this is.

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