Let’s Make a Trade

I’m breaking my typical schedule of posting nothing while hoarding half-finished posts to ask for help: Specifically, I’m looking to make a trade for a presidential vote in a swing state. If you are in a swing state and were not previously planning to vote for Clinton, I will cast my ballot in Washington State for the candidate of your choice in exchange for you voting for Clinton. I will also, with your permission, sing your praises as a person who is Good At Cooperation (or, if you prefer, I promise to protect your anonymity forever and ever).

Your third-party candidate gets just as close to the 5% threshold they need to get federal funding in 2020, and Trump becomes less likely to destroy the world.

Relatedly: There is a reason the title of this blog includes the word “Almost”, and for the first time in decades it seems like someone who genuine deserves the title of “villain” (rather than just “someone who has vastly different ideas, priors, and opinions than me”) is on the verge of acquiring massive power, up to and including control of almost half the world’s nuclear weapons. Donald Trump is about as far from Stanislav Petrov as you can get, and I would consider it a dear favor to me, as well as my species and the continued existence of sentient life in the universe, if you did what you could to prevent that future from coming to pass. Please vote, and ask friends and family to vote for The Continued Survival of Humanity. If you live in a safe state, consider trading your vote on http://trumptraders.org/ or https://www.makeminecount.org/ (though I obviously have not had success there – I got a match, but they haven’t responded to any chats and repeated requests to confirm their humanity – still, worth trying).

If you’re interested in vote-trading with me or anyone else reading this, please leave a comment.

Thank you, from one human to another.

6 thoughts on “Let’s Make a Trade

    1. (As I wish to avoid Discourse, I am precommitting to not replying to any other comments on this post.)

      Aside from spreading blatant falsehoods, mainstreaming bigotry and conspiracy theories, driving our already dismal standards of discourse to rock-bottom, undermining and discrediting every institution he can get his hands on, demonizing refugees thus significantly reducing their odds of survival, and ending any hope of curtailing climate change? The major one is carelessly heightening the risk of nuclear war and other disastrous international conflicts and assuming leadership of the free world with apparently minimal awareness as to what the job actually entails.

      More broadly, pursuing power for power’s own sake while not apparently caring about anyone or anything, not caring about the harm and risk assumed by others in the process, and the resulting predictable death and suffering left in his wake.

      1. That’s unfortunate, seeing as how your answer did two things. First it answered the question I actually asked extremely well, second it made me realize I asked the exact wrong question for learning the thing I actually wanted to. I am less curious about the ontology of Trump, which is very available already. More about the epistemology that puts most people down as “someone who has vastly different ideas, priors, and opinions than me” and only rarely as ‘villian.’ I’m still not sure how to phrase what it is I want to ask. Luckily you won’t answer, so I don’t have to figure it out right now.

        1. Villain is a category; I’m guessing here – but it means there’s a spectrum for the expected result of the difference in the conclusions arrived by the thought process – from mildly inconvenient to catastrophic.

          The expected outcome for someone with misaligned values and thought processes in the appropriate direction can make them “misguided”, or “a nuisance”, or “a villain”. Alternatively, it can be someone you want to emulate in several levels of admiration, if you consider their thought processes and priors optimize your values better than yours.

          If the misalignment is in non-important stuff (say, position in which to leave the toilet seat after using it) it’s one thing; when something really valuable is at stake (e.g. massive amount of human life) the expected cost of misalignment rises.

  1. Optically, at least, Trump certainly makes for a good villain, what with the weird hair and fake tan and freakishly white teeth and lumpish body. Not to mention his fondness for boldly nonsensical public exclamations.

    But here we are nearly three years later, still extant, more or less in the same condition, muddling through as always. Maybe villainy isn’t what it used to be.

    More likely the adults surrounding Trump keep his arms safely pinned when he’s anywhere near The Button.

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