Tasker alarms

I hacked together a simple setup in Tasker for Android to make sure I always get alerts. Whenever I get an SMS containing $KEYWORD:

  • Current sound settings (notification volume, media volume, silent mode) are recorded
  • Notification volume is turned up and silent mode is disabled
  • Media volume is turned to a low level
  • A song ($TASKER/alarm.mp3) begins playing on loop (media volume)
  • The song volume increases every 5 seconds
  • The only way to disable the alarm is to unlock the phone and physically shake it for a few seconds
  • When disabled, the phone restores previous volume settings

This setup satisfies the following constraints:

  • Allowing me to turn on silent mode without fear of missing anything incredibly urgent
  • Quickly getting my attention (the song is one I’m familiar with and unlikely to hear elsewhere)
  • Disturbing others as little as possible (the gradual increase in volume alerts me before most other people notice it, or wakes me up before anyone else in the apartment)
  • Verifying that I’m awake and aware of the alarm before turning off (the shaking)
  • Not disturbing the current volume preferences outside of alerting me (I don’t want the subsequent email chains blaring and waking up people in the middle of the night when I already had silent mode enabled for that reason)

It took some tweaking in the beginning, but I’ve been using it for over a year without fail. The setup consists of two profiles (one for the alarm, one for stopping the alarm), and you’ll need to provide your own alarm.mp3 of your choice.



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